Why choose QuietCool?

QuietCool offers you the best way to reduce A/C usage costs and experience better comfort. QuietCool is a revolutionary product, and consumers are raving about it!

How QuietCool whole house fans improve home comfort

When air outside is cooler than air inside your home, your QuietCool fan can improve home comfort. It does this by drawing fresh air into your house, and flushing hot air out. In the summer, late afternoon to early evening and through to the next morning are the optimal times to run your QuietCool fan.

Diagram showing how QuietCool fans draw in cool outside air and flush hot air out.

How QuietCool whole house fans save you money

Our most efficient model runs around 70 watts per hour, compared to 3,000-5,000 watts per hour of a typical air conditioner.

Because QuietCool fans help cool down your house, you don’t need to run your air conditioning as much—that’s how QuietCool customers can save up to 50-90% off their A/C related electricity costs.

Saving money while cooling their homes is just one reason customers are very happy after installing a QuietCool fan.

More reasons why to choose QuietCool whole house fans

Ventilate your entire home of unhealthy air

QuietCool whole house fans can exchange the volume of air inside your home 15-20 times per hour. This allows you to breathe fresh air, and reduce mold, mildew, airborne sickness. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air may be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, even in cities like Sacramento.

Save up to 90% on air conditioning costs

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) claims that whole house fans use up to 90% less energy than compressor based air conditioners. For comparision, the QuietCool Stealth Pro 4.8 at a low setting runs at 72 watts per hour, but a typical air conditioning system can run at 3,000 to 5,000 watts per hour.

Exhaust your home of foul odors

With QuietCool, you can exhaust your home of cooking, pet and other odors. This will allow you to enjoy a healthier, odor free environment. The American Lung Association says cat dander stays airborne for 10 hours. Viruses can stay airborne for up to 10 days.

Enjoy the “quiet” whole house fan

The QuietCool whole house fan operates at the sound of a whisper. You can sleep, talk, or watch TV without noise disruption. Many of our QuietCool whole house fans operate around 45-51 dB. Compare that to a traditional whole house fan that can average well over 80 dB.

Built in California

QuietCool whole house fans come straight from our manufacturing plant in California.

15 Year Warranty

QuietCool Stealth and Trident fans come with an industry-leading 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What experts say about the fresh air and energy savings that QuietCool whole house fans provide

American Medical Association

Reports that indoor air pollution is directly responsible for as much as ⅓ of our national health bill.

American Lung Association

Says cat dander will stay airborne (floating in the air) for 10 hours before landing.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Claims that “whole house fans use up to 90% less energy than compressor-based air conditioners.”

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Reports that indoor air pollution may be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air, even in major metropolitan smoggy cities.

U.S. Department of Energy

Reports that installing a whole house fan is the most cost-efficient way to cool your home.

University of California – UCLA

Released a study comparing a Title 24 home and an alternative home and found that in the “More Energy Efficient Design” alternative home, a whole house fan essentially eliminated the need for an air conditioner in 10 of the 16 California climate zones.