Roseville Whole House Fans

Save up to 50-90% off your A/C costs in Roseville with QuietCool whole house fans installed by AirSmart!

Plus get up to $400 in utility rebates from Roseville Electric Utility!

Want to save money on your electric bill?

Do you enjoy paying hundreds for your electric bill in the summer? Of course not! But unfortunately, Roseville gets pretty toasty during the summertime and air conditioning feels like a must.

How AirSmart can save you money this summer

At AirSmart, we know how frustrating it can be to have to pay outrageous A/C costs. That’s why we install QuietCool whole house fans – the quietest whole house fans on the market – designed to help you live comfortably, yet affordably.

How to save up to 50-90% off your A/C costs in Roseville with QuietCool whole house fans

  • First, open your windows once it’s cooler outside than inside your home.
  • Turn on your QuietCool fan to draw fresh, cool air through the open windows, into your house.
  • Meanwhile, the fan will quickly force air air through the ceiling mounted grille, into the attic and out through your attic’s ventilation.
  • The longer you leave your energy efficient QuietCool fan on, the more stored heat it will draw out of your home and attic, resulting in a much cooler home that won’t need the air conditioner as much to keep cool.

Roseville and the Sacramento’s Valley’s Premiere QuietCool Platinum Dealer

AirSmart is the Sacramento’s Valley’s Premiere QuietCool Platinum Dealer. We exclusively sell and install QuietCool whole house fans because we believe they’re the best fans available for our customers. We’ve installed hundreds of QuietCool whole house fans for satisfied customers in Roseville and greater Sacramento.

3 easy steps to living comfortably, yet affordably

You too can enjoy fresh, cool air in your home while saving on your A/C costs.

  1. Find the best recommended fan for your home.
  2. Schedule an installation with AirSmart. We’ll bring the best recommended fan, check your attic for proper ventilation and clearance. Most installations take place in the morning, under 2 to 3 hours.
  3. Sit back and enjoy fresh air, all while saving money.

Our commitment to you

AirSmart is committed  to providing you with the best whole house fan for your investment.

  • We only sell and install QuietCool fans because they’re the best whole house fans on the market, with patented “whisper quiet” technology that makes it second-to-none.
  • We always recommend the right fan system for your home based on square footage, not on our inventory. That’s why we carry every Stealth Pro and Trident Pro fan size, so you can have the best fan system customized for your home.
  • We usually recommend the Stealth Pro model, since it’s QuietCool’s latest and most energy-efficient whole house fan. We want you to get the best breeze for your buck.
  • QuietCool fans come with an industry-leading 15 year warranty. And AirSmart provides an 1-year guarantee on its installation of any QuietCool fan.

Stop throwing money away!

If you’re tired of paying hundreds in expensive utility bills and worrying about the A/C breaking, find out how QuietCool whole house fans can:

  • Slash your A/C costs up to 50-90%
  • Bring fresh, cooler air in the home, while expelling hot, stuffy air out
  • Expel bad odors, germs, smoke and toxic VOC gases that harm your family
  • Get you up to $400 in rebates