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AirSmart fans uses only the best. With QuietCool whole house fan, you can cut A/C costs by up to 90% and reduce A/C wear and tear. You’ll also recapture your investment faster than other “green energy” products.

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AirSmart is Sacramento Valley’s Premiere QuietCool Platinum Dealer and Installer of QuietCool whole house fans, the quietest and most energy efficient fans on the market!

Why we use QuietCool fans: It’s basic MATH!

According to, the average cost for solar panel installation is over $12,000. You can get an average $6,000 in tax credits, but you still have to pay about $12,000. After 20 years, home owners can expect to save $29,000 to $62,000 in energy expenses. Saving up to $62,000 is impressive. But, it would take at least 5-10 years to see the savings cover the installation costs!

Compare the average cost of installing a QuietCool whole house fan at around $2,000, which could cut A/C costs by up to 90%. If you’re paying $100 per month on your A/C and save 50-90%, you’ll see a return on your investment within 2 to 3 years!

Solar is still a great investment. But why not use the savings from a QuietCool fan to kickstart your energy savings.

How can AirSmart lower my costs with a whole house fan?

Four easy steps to a cooler, fresher, more efficient home:

  1. Contact AirSmart at (916) 226-2606 for a free evaluation, recommendation and quote.
  2. Choose a QuietCool whole house fan and any accessories you wish.
  3. Schedule a time for AirSmart to install your QuietCool whole house fan, which takes an average of 3 hours.
  4. Enjoy cooler, fresher air throughout your home with the use of the easy-to-operate wall switch or wireless remote.

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Get a quote today and start saving up to 50-90% off your A/C usage!

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Want to read 5-star reviews from delighted AirSmart customers who are saving money, enjoying better health and staying cool for pennies an hour with their QuietCool fans?


Testimonials 2

Looked at a few Quiet Cool installers in the area and got a few quotes. We decided to go with Mark and AirSmart. I liked the quick turnaround times from Mark and the thorough answers to our questions. Mark and AirSmart are one of the top installers in Northern California (including the Bay Area) and have had excellent results. If an issue came up with the unit or install, Quiet Cool would work with Mark to make it right. We are extremely happy with the unit and the customer service we have received from them. 

Mike O.

The house was 68 degrees this morning and we barely used a light bulb’s worth of energy to get it there. My husband and I are unbelievably pleased with our house fan and the service we received from AirSmart. Communication throughout the process has been flawless. AirSmart’s pricing was very competitive, and Mark explained to us everything we needed to know to make an informed decision on model, capacity, placement, etc. Installation was quick and painless. The fan is very quiet, especially for being placed right outside our bedroom door. For anyone on the fence about purchasing a fan or contacting this company, I would highly recommend both. Thank you so much, Mark and AirSmart Whole House Fans!

Alex G.

Testimonials 3

I was looking for a cooling fan in place of air conditioning and found this vendor who is very knowledgeable about Quiet Cool wholehouse fan. Mark explained in details with some options to choose from and analyze the pros and cons of each. We listen to Mark’s suggestion to install a whole house and an attic fan since these fans generally operate in seperate times. The fast, efficient, professional installation crew came in to assess, discuss, and finalize the plan to have the fans installed according to Mark’s suggestion. We could not have been happier with a cooler home using energy saving fans and.not have to turn on so much air conditioning. This of course during Covid19 is a plus since too much air conditioning will dry out the throats and decrease the immunity system. Chiu H.

I was looking for something to cool my house better instead of running my AC constantly. My house is old and took days to cool off from 100 degree weather here in Sacramento. I called Mark and he was super knowledgeable and he took the time to explain how it worked and gave his opinion of what would work best. I called around and he was in line with the other dealers so I went with him. Mainly because he spent the time to educate me on this product when the other dealers did not. Also, he went above and beyond to get my unit installed after a reschedule he had. So I’ve had it since last Thursday and I love it! Last week in the 100 degree whether my home cooled down nicely only running it in the morning and this morning it cooled imt house down to 68 and it’s still only 70 in here now. I would recommend the Quiet Cool fan and using this company as well! Thank you Mark and Josh!

Lisa G.

Testimonials 1

I called AirSmart and the owner Mark picked up and was able to inform me thoroughly on the product and process of installing a whole house fan, as well as provide an estimate.  I felt so comfortable that they’re coming out to assess and install the system this Saturday-Wow!

Hai L.

Mark was very helpful when I called about a House Fan. He explained the process, the product, and the exact cost. The installers arrived on time and were very friendly. Install took a little over 2 hours. They took the time to show me how the unit operates, my preference on install location, and made sure I was satisfied before leaving. The Fan operates like a champ and is very quiet even on the High setting. I would highly recommend going with AirSmart and the QuietCool system.

Patrick G.